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Unless indicated otherwise, these tips also apply to URL Organizer 2.


Bookmark Buddy is a bit like your brain: you probably only use about 20% of it. This page is dedicated to helping you discover the other 80% of Bookmark Buddy's functionality. You'll probably never use it all, but there's sure to be some functionality you'll be glad to learn about. Check back from time to time as I'll be adding new tips every so often.

GoTips for upgrading from URL Organizer 2

Tips to help you install and configure Bookmark Buddy and to transfer your URL lists.

GoHelp for AOL users

Detailed help on importing your AOL Favorite Places into Bookmark Buddy, and configuring a standard web browser to work with your AOL network connection!

GoBacking up and restoring bookmark collections

Valuable tips here on how to salvage a corrupted bookmark list and different ways to back up your bookmark collections. Remember, your bookmarks are the product of hours, even days, of formal or informal research, so look after them!

GoKeyboard shortcuts

Almost everything you can achieve with the mouse you can achieve more quickly and accurately with keyboard shortcuts.

GoHot keys

Find out why you should be using 'hot keys'.

GoOrganize your desktop

Bookmark Manager and URL Organizer can manage your program, document and folder shortcuts just as easily as Internet bookmarks.

GoSharing bookmark collections

Bookmark Buddy gives you plenty of ways to pass bookmarks to friends and colleagues, and to share bookmark lists between between computers.

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