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What is a 'hot key'?

A 'hot key' is a key combination that you can type at any time to trigger some action in a particular program.

How do hot keys help me use Bookmark Buddy?

You can set the following hot keys:

  • Activate Bookmark Buddy: when you want to open a bookmark (visit a web site or open a document), use this hot key to bring Bookmark Buddy to the front. This is quicker than moving the mouse and clicking on the task bar or tool tray.
  • Fetch or grab the bookmark of the currently-showing web page: again, much quicker than switching to Bookmark Buddy and fetching the bookmark.
  • *Quickly enter and open a new bookmark address (Boookmark Buddy only): spotted a bookmark in a magazine? Use this hot key to enter and open the bookmark immediately.
  • *Fill out a log-in form using the log-in details associated with the bookmark currently selected in Bookmark Buddy: open a bookmark; click on the log-in name field (if the caret isn't already flashing there); then use this hot key to fill out your log-in name and password.

*These hot keys are not available in URL Organizer 2.

Extra trick: minimize Bookmark Buddy quickly

The hot key to activate Bookmark Buddy also minimizes Bookmark Buddy if the program is already active: much quicker than moving the mouse and clicking on the Minimize button. The function key F12 also minimizes Bookmark Buddy (F8 in URL Organizer).

Another trick: facilitate drag and drop

You start to drag a URL onto Bookmark Buddy, but then realize that Bookmark Buddy is minimized or hidden? Simply type the hot key without letting go of the mouse button and Bookmark Buddy pops to the front.

How do I set the hot keys?

From the Application menu select Preferences (or type Ctrl+Alt+P). Click in the box by any of the hot key titles and type a key combination that you don't use in any other program (e.g. Ctrl+Alt+/). When you're done, click on OK. That's it! To cancel a hot key, click on the hot key box and type Delete.

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