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Keyboard shortcuts
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These are a selection of the most useful keyboard shortcuts. You can find the whole list in the Gohelp notes (see below).

Navigating around the Bookmark Buddy window

To move keyboard focus to:
  the next list or edit box Tab
  the previous list or edit box Shift+Tab
  the Find box Alt+F
  the Note box Alt+N or Alt+F5
Copy the log-in name Ctrl+Shift+L
Copy the log-in password Ctrl+Shift+P
Show/hide the note window F5
Extended notes (Bookmark Buddy only) Shift+F5

Opening a bookmark

Open currently-highlighted bookmark
    when bookmark title has keyboard focus: 
Return key
Open a new bookmark in a blank browser window  Ctrl+Shift+N or Gohot key
Open a blank browser window  Ctrl+B
Temporarily switch preference for opening
in new or frontmost window 
hold down Shift key
Temporarily switch preference for
auto-minimising Bookmark Buddy
hold down Alt key

Organizing your URLs

To mark an item Ctrl + Click or Ctrl + X
To sort items in selected list box Ctrl + Cursor Down

Other useful shortcuts

Start search
    when Find box has focus:
Return key
Find next occurrence of Find text F3
URL Organizer: Ctrl+F or Return key
Add a new bookmark  Ctrl+N
Fetch URL from frontmost browser window

Ctrl+E or Gohot key

Copy selected bookmark URL to the clipboard Ctrl+C
Re-activate Bookmark Buddy Gohot key

The rest

Most shortcuts are also indicated on the program's menus. All shortcuts are documented in the Gohelp notes: in Bookmark Buddy, select Keyboard shortcuts from the Help menu. In URL Organizer, open the help notes and navigate to Using URL Organizer, Keyboard Shortcuts.

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