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Application shortcuts

Bookmark Buddy can manage your application shortcuts much better than using the Windows Start Menu and your desktop. To get started, import your Start Menu into a new bookmark list: choose Import from the File menu (Listmenu in URL Organizer); select Start Menu from the drop-down list; check the path name of the bookmark list to be created; click on Import. You'll probably find that some shortcuts no longer exist and Bookamrk Buddy will warn you about those.

Document shortcuts

You probably have a few documents that you need to get at frequently. Just drag the document file icon (e.g. from Windows Explorer or your Desktop) onto Bookmark Buddy, then file it in your bookmark list. If you version your filenames (e.g. Report 1a.doc), then replace the version characters with '?' and Bookmark Buddy will always refer to the last file in the version sequence (e.g. Report 2c). For more on this, refer to the help notes under Using URL Organizer, Adding a URL to a List, Wildcards.

Folder shortcuts

You can add shortcuts to folders in exactly the same way. This can be especially useful in Windows 2000 when your My Documents folder may be buried two levels deep. You can also open any folder containing a document listed in URL Organizer: just right-click on the document title and select 'Open Folder'.

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