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Here's a few tips to help smooth the upgrade from URL Organizer 2 to Bookmark Buddy.

Purchasing an upgrade license

When you come to Gopurchase your license, make sure you log back into your existing account with OSoLiS (you'll find links to request a log-in reminder if you need one). You will then automatically be offered the upgrade price.

Your Personal License Register

When you purchase a license for Bookmark Buddy OSoLiS will send you a new Personal License Register (a file called licences.rv1). This replaces your existing Personal License Register as it holds details of all your licences. Follow the instructions in the e-mail, or Open in new windowhere. Be sure to exit URL Organizer and Bookmark Buddy before you try to install your Personal License Register. If you're not sure where to put the License Register, check About Bookmark Buddy under Bookmark Buddy's Help menu.

Importing your URL lists

Bookmark Buddy uses a completely different file format for its bookmark lists from URL Organizer's URL lists. Therefore one of the first things you need to do after installing Bookmark Buddy is to import your URL lists:

  • Make sure URL Organizer is closed so that your URL list file is saved and closed.
  • From Bookmark Buddy's File menu select Import.
  • For Format select URL Organizer
  • Locate your URL list file.
  • Select Append to existing bookmark list or enter the path name of a new bookmark list (or accept the suggested path name).
  • Set the options you want.
  • Click Import.

Working with popup blockers

If you use Google Toolbar or another popup blocker, Gosee here.

Set up your hot keys

If you want to use the same hot keys as you used in URL Organizer 2 and run both programs simultaneously then you'll need to de-activate the hot keys in URL Organizer first:

  • Open URL Organizer 2
  • From the Application menu select Preferences
  • Click on each hot key edit box in turn and press Delete

If you're not familiar with hot keys then Gofind out here just how useful they are.

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