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Backing up and restoring
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Salvaging a corrupted bookmark list 
If you notice that a bookmark list has become corrupted (perhaps because of a computer crash), save a copy of the list as a backup, then revert to a previously-saved version (select Revert from the File menu).

If you are using URL Organizer 2 (or Bookmark Buddy pre version 3.4):

1)  Donít exit URL Organizer.
2) Using Windows Explorer, open the folder where you keep your bookmark list.
3) Check that there is a backup of your bookmark list called 'Autobackup of Ö'.
4) Make a copy of the autobackup file by selecting, copying and pasting it (see Explorerís Edit menu).
5) Exit Bookmark Buddy.
6) Delete the regular bookmark list file.
7) Rename the file you created in step (4) to have the name of the regular bookmark list file (by deleting the words 'Copy of Autobackup of ').

Automatic backups

Bookmark Buddy automatically saves your bookmark list every ten minutes. It also creates multiple, staged backup copies which are saved in the same folder as the original list and called 'Autobackup ... [name of original list file]'. URL Organizer 2 maintains just one backup copy.

Manual backups

You can very easily make a backup copy of your bookmark list yourself: select Save copy from the File menu (Lists menu in URL Organizer), give the backup copy a name and click Save. That's all there is to it!

General backups

You should always make backups of your valuable data, preferably daily and automatically. You can schedule the Windows Backup program to do this (start by looking up 'Backup' in Windows Help - on the Start Menu). To make it easier to back up just your data (and not 100s of megabytes of program and system files that rarely change), set Bookmark Buddy to store all your list files inside your My Documents folder:

1)  Select Modify Setup from the Application menu.
2) Click on Store bookmark list files in.
3) Type the path or browse to where you would like Bookmark Buddy to store your list files, e.g. My Documents\Bookmark Lists\
4) Click on Setup now.

Bookmark Buddy will move bookmark lists in the older folder to the new folder.

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