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Bookmark Buddy is a sophisticated yet intuitive favorites organizer and login manager that keeps your Internet favorites, log-in details and notes secure and accessible no matter what browser you're using. It also lets you organize program, document and folder shortcuts with the same simplicity and reliability.

This is a quick summary of the main features (click on any of the screenshot icons to open a full-sized version):

Quickly find a bookmark

advanced searchYou know what it's like trying to find a bookmark you filed away weeks ago; often it's quicker to go back to Google and look it up there! But with Bookmark Buddy you can quickly find any bookmark because there are so many ways to reach it.

Keep notes

organize modeIt's easy to quickly add a note to a bookmark: a description of the web site, customer reference or order details, shipping prices, or anything else you can think of.

Schedule your visits

schedulerYou can set up a one-off or regular reminder to visit any bookmark: stock valuations, bank balances, web stats, sales reports, discussion forums, auction

Quickly file a bookmark

organize modeAccurate filing makes it so much easier to retrieve a bookmark later, but it's a chore scrolling up and down long lists of ever-expanding folders. URL Organizer introduced a simple 3-level filing system, and Bookmark Buddy makes it even easier to add bookmarks and move them around. Aliasing (filing in multiple locations) is a simple and easy way to avoid filing dilemmas.

Manage your log-in details

How many different site log-in names and passwords do you have to remember (or jot down on Post-It notes)? Well Bookmark Buddy can store them all, and encrypt your passwords so that you only need remember one password to retrieve any of them. Bookmark Buddy can also drop your log-in details straight into a web page or dialog box with a single keystroke or mouse click.

Protect your privacy

encryption optionsYou probably have bookmarks that you'd rather others didn't have access to - commercially or personally sensitive? Well Bookmark Buddy can encrypt entire bookmark collections, including your log-in details and notes.

Check your bookmarks

Web sites get updated, move and disappear; but your bookmarks don't. Bookmark Buddy can quickly and quietly check all your bookmarks so that you know what's happened to the site since you last visited it.

Import your existing bookmarks

import bookmarksBookmark Buddy can import favorites from Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla, Firefox, Opera, AOL, Compuserve 2000, Yahoo Toolbar, and other applications that support the Netscape bookmarks file format.

Export & print your bookmarks

export bookmarksBookmark Buddy includes an extremely flexible export facility, allowing you to transfer your bookmarks (or any subset of them) to a printable document, web page, spreadsheet, XML document, and most browser formats. For an example of an exported web page, see open in new windowhere.

Work in any language(s)

Unicode editionWith the Unicode Edition you can store bookmarks and notes in any language, including those that do not use the Latin character set (such as Russian, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc), or even in multiple languages.

Take your bookmarks with you everywhere

Copy the Portable Edition of Bookmark Buddy and you bookmark list(s) onto a USB memory stick, MP3 player or floppy disk, and you can access all of your bookmarks, log-in details and notes on the move.

Why not Godownload the latest version to test out for thirty days for free. Or if you want to learn more about Bookmark Buddy first, check out the detailed Follow linkproduct features.

Bookmark Buddy costs just US$ 29.95, but if that's more than you're prepared to spend, then take a look at the Follow linkalternatives.

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Who does it suit?
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Serious web surfers: Bookmark Buddy efficiently handles tens of thousands of bookmarks. The speed with which you can add, find, rearrange and annotate bookmarks makes it easy to build a well-organized collection of bookmarks.

Family users: A single Bookmark Buddy license permits all members of a family sharing a computer to use Bookmark Buddy. Each family member can maintain their own bookmark collection as well as sharing others.

Internet researchers: Each bookmark collection may correspond to a different research project. You can instantly switch between collections, e-mail them to other Bookmark Buddy users, or archive them.

Web developers: Bookmark Buddy works with any web browser, so you can quickly check your site with any number of different browsers. And it's easy to bookmark key pages on all of your servers (local, testing, remote, live, ...).

Anyone who likes to stay organized: Bookmark Buddy makes it that bit less frustrating when you go to show someone a web site you found last week, or launch a program you installed last month or update a document you were working on last year.

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The standard edition of Bookmark Buddy runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, NT4, ME, 98 and 95. The Unicode edition runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP and 2000. Although compiled as a 32-bit application, it will install and run perfectly well on 64-bit editions of Windows.

Bookmark Buddy is compatible with almost all web browsers. It provides the fullest support for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Sea Monkey, Netscape Browser, MSN, Opera (v.12), Maxthon, AOL Explorer, Avant Browser, Crazy Browser, Flock, GreenBrowser, MyIE, NeoPlanet, NetCaptor, RealPlayer, SlimBrowser, and Smart Bro. With other browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari and Opera v.15 or later), you can open bookmarks from Bookmark Buddy, but to fetch a bookmark you must use drag-and-drop (from the address bar or a link) or copy-and-paste. See Gohere for more details.

On installation Bookmark Buddy configures itself automatically to work with any installed browser fom those listed above.

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