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There are three members to the product family, all based on the same design principles of simplicity, compactness and the unique 3-level filing arrangement. Highlights of each product are listed below, but there is also a Follow linkdetailed chart comparing the products.


Bookmark Buddy - the favorite bookmark manager Buy a license now
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Simply and quickly manage any number of bookmarks. Packed with features to help you stay organized, including:

  • Instant full-text searching and filtering by many parameters.
  • QuickLogin to manage and use your log-ins.
  • SmartFolders to help you keep track of your favorite sites.
  • Encryption to protect site passwords or entire bookmark collections.
  • Bookmark checking in the background.
  • Scheduler to organize your browsing.
  • QuickSearch to cut straight to the search results.
  • Customizable, template-based export facility.
  • Clutter-free design and clean aesthetics.
  • Plus all the features of URL Organizer 2 ...


URL Organizer 2 - the compact bookmark manager Buy a license now
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A slimmer alternative offering the essentials for efficient bookmark management:

  • Full-text search facility
  • Import/export Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera and AOL bookmark collections
  • File a bookmark in more than one place
  • Copy bookmarks as text or HTML
  • Works with any browser
  • Easily backup your bookmark collection


URL Organizer Free - the innovative bookmark manager

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A basic bookmark manager, that uses the innovative 3-level filing system to help you organize smaller collections of bookmarks. Try it free - til you outgrow it!

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