Bookmark Buddy - favorites organizer and login manager in one
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See also Follow linkproduct comparison with Internet Explorer and Netscape/Mozilla, and Follow linkversion comparison with URL Organizer 2 and URL Organizer Free.

Finding bookmarks

bullet Three clicks: category, subcategory, bookmark

Fast full-text search with options to restrict which fields are searched; whether matches are case-sensitive; whether whole or partial word matches are sought

bullet Show search results as a list or by highlighting
bullet Filter searches by rating, date and site status
bullet Refine searches (search within previous search results)
bullet Store searches
bullet SmartFolders: automatically maintained aliases to recently visited, recently added, frequently visited, scheduled to visit, and user-selected favorite bookmarks

Schedule one-off or regular visits to bookmarked sites or documents

Organizing bookmarks

bullet Add, edit, sort and delete items using intuitive 3-panel interface

File bookmarks in multiple folders using aliasing

bullet Add separators (optionally with text) to visually subdivide folders and bookmarks
bullet Move items around using 'drag and drop' and 'mark and move'
bullet Find and delete duplicates
bullet Check status of (validate) web site bookmarks in the background

Bookmark collections

bullet Each collection can contain up to 60,000 items (bookmarks, folders, aliases and separators)
bullet Protect site passwords stored in a bookmark collection using 128-bit Blowfish encryption and a single password
bullet Protect entire bookmark collections using 128-bit Blowfish encryption.
bullet Instantly switch between bookmark collections
bullet Move or copy bookmarks between collections
bullet Export bookmarks to a printable document, web page, spreadsheet, or any other text format using the template-based export facility
bullet Automatically maintain three-stage backup of each collection
bullet Manually backup using 'Save copy'
bullet GoShare bookmark collections

Web browser functionality

bullet Open URL in any configured browser, in a new tab or (where supported by browser) the frontmost tab
bullet Fetch URL from any configured browser
bullet QuickLogin: Fill in most log-in pages and dialog boxes with a single mouse click
bullet QuickSearch: enter search terms before loading a web page
bullet Work with multiple web browsers simultaneously
bullet Import and export Internet Explorer favorites
bullet Import and export Netscape, Mozilla & Firefox bookmarks
bullet Import and export MSN favorites
bullet Import and export Opera hotlists
bullet Import GoAOL and CompuServe 2000 Favorite Places
bullet Import from any application that can output a Netscape-compatible bookmark file
bullet COM and DDE support for communicatimg with almost all browsers
bullet Drag and drop bookmarks to and from any web browser
bullet Specify a particular browser for any bookmark

Windows functionality

bullet Import and export GoStart Menu shortcuts
bullet Open programs, folders and documents
bullet Open the containing folder of a program or document
bullet Open folder in 'My Computer' or Windows Explorer-style window
bullet Use wildcards in document path names: ? (single character) and * (any number of characters)
bullet Drag and drop bookmarks to and from any document (e.g. e-mail message)
bullet Copy bookmarks in a variety of text and HTML formats
bullet QuickLogin: Fill in most log-in windows with a single mouse click

Types of bookmarks that may be stored

bullet Internet bookmarks/favorites/favourites/addresses/URLs
bullet E-mail addresses
bullet Newsgroup addresses
bullet Application/program, document and folder shortcuts

Metadata stored with each bookmark

bullet Notes
bullet Site log-in name and password
bullet Keywords
bullet Rating
bullet Times of: addition to collection, last visit, previous-to-last visit, next scheduled visit, last site update, last site check, last modification to bookmark
bullet Number of visits

High usability interface

bullet Alternative Godisplay modes: 'Regular', 'Organize', 'Compact' and 'List View'
bullet Optional use of Windows Tool Tray
bullet Full support for Gokeyboard shortcuts and GoHot Keys
bullet User-selectable font face and size for main window
bullet Optional 'flat' style controls with improved usability
bullet User-definable color scheme


bullet Loads in a snap and uses minimal disk space, memory and resources
bullet Includes comprehensive integrated help notes
bullet Unicode Edition supports mixed, non-Latin character sets
bullet Portable Edition runs off removable media on any (Windows) computer
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