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Unless indicated otherwise, these questions & answers also apply to URL Organizer 2.



How do I configure Bookmark Buddy to work with my web browser?


When you first install Bookmark Buddy (v3.5.5 and later) it automatically selects optimal settings for any of the following browsers already installed on your computer:

If you install a browser after installing Bookmark Buddy, go to Bookmark Buddy's browser preferences and click on Look for installed browsers.

Mozilla Firefox

Ensure that the 'Open new windows in a new tab instead' option is checked in Firefox. Although Firefox will ignore Bookmark Buddy's instruction to Open in new tab or Open in frontmost tab, you can drag a bookmark onto an existing tab to reuse it (see below).


As the SBC Yahoo! browser is not generally available, compatibility with Bookmark Buddy is untested. To transer your bookmarks, you must first export them to a Netscape bookmarks file:

  1. Log into Yahoo.
  2. Click on the Y! Bookmarks button and select Edit/Import Bookmarks.
  3. Click on the link Export Bookmarks.
  4. Follow Yahoo's instructions for exporting your bookmarks.
  5. In Bookmark Buddy, select Import from the File menu, then select Netscape/SeaMonkey/Camino/Firefox v.2/Mozilla Bookmarks as the format and locate the exported bookmark file.

Other browsers

Please Follow linkcontact me if you would like support added for any browser not listed above.

Drag and Drop

You can drag and drop bookmarks between Bookmark Buddy / URL Organizer and any web browser: click on a bookmark title and drag it onto the web browser window; or click on the URL in the browser's address bar and drag it onto Bookmark Buddy / URL Organizer. (You can use the application Follow linkhot key to bring Bookmark Buddy / URL Organizer to the front after you start dragging a link.)

Configuration settings for URL Organizer

Browser DDE Name Comments
Chrome n/a 'Fetch URL' not supported.
Internet Explorer iexplore Fully compatible
Maxthon mozilla or iexplore 'Open in frontmost window' and 'Fetch from any window' not supported.
Mozilla Firefox firefox 'Fetch from any window' not supported.
MyIE2 mozilla or iexplore 'Open in frontmost window' and 'Fetch from any window' not supported. Now called Maxthon (above).
NeoPlanet neoplanet 'Open in frontmost window' and 'Fetch from any window' not supported.
Opera 12 opera Fully compatible
Opera 15 & later n/a 'Fetch URL' not supported
Safari n/a 'Fetch URL' not supported

Other browsers tested support only dragging and dropping bookmarks to/from Bookmark Buddy / URL Organizer (see above).

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