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Comments are for Bookmark Buddy and its predecessor, URL Organizer 2. GoCheck out too ratings, reviews and other coverage. Uncut comments may also be found on Open in new, Open in new windowFileForum and Open in new windowSnapFiles.

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It's been years since I stumbled across a program I couldn't live without. I'm a Wisconsin senior citizen, and can say with authority that this program is so user-friendly your grandmother will enjoy it.quote mark

quote mark Thankyou for your recent update. Bookmark Buddy is a wonderful tool. It is used everyday at this business and is indispensible. Your on-going support for your customers is very admirable.quote mark
quote mark By the way i absolutely love this product and i have tried every single bookmark managing utility on the net and yours beats them all by far.quote mark
quote mark Best bookmark program I have tried (and I tried a lot). Very much
worth the price. For power users that need a little more than the
default bookmark features in the browsers this is the program for you.quote mark
quote mark The very best organizer there is....
Try this, you won't regret it. Higly customizable.quote mark
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I don't know what I ever did without Bookmark Buddy. I LOVE it.quote mark

quote mark I have to tell you that I love this software!quote mark
quote mark I downloaded URL Organizer 2 and fell in love with it just after a few minutes!
Great tool - really simple and powerful.quote mark
quote mark Small, simple and it does what it should with elegance. Looks like a masterpiece.quote mark
quote mark It is a wonderful product! I use it ALL THE TIME.quote mark
quote mark First of all my compliments to you for developing a fabulous utility!
URL Organizer is powerful but easy to use. I can now find any one
of my thousands of URLs with just a few keystrokes.quote mark
quote mark The speed and the "elegant simplicity" of the interface is just super.
You've got a good one here!!quote mark
quote mark I just downloaded your Organizer program, and I wanted to say
" Thanks!!". It works flawlessly! What a tremendous help. I called AOL to
ask them how to do this, and they said they didn't think it could be done.
Suprise! You've done the world a great service.quote mark
quote mark Since the very first version, URL Organizer has
always been one of my favorite applications.quote mark
quote mark always a pleasure to get a release of my favorite net utility.quote mark
quote mark I LOVE the program and wouldn't be without it.
I even use it for storing addresses and phone #s.
Its rare to find such a small FAST program that is as useful as yours.quote mark
quote mark Thanks for the great software a joy to use.quote mark
quote mark This is such an excellent piece of software and, for me,
completely indispensable to effective browsing.quote mark
quote mark Thanks for the great product, I use it daily and have
never regretted downloading and paying for it!!quote mark
quote mark I have recommended your program to my college classes
- it is a very useful tool.quote mark
quote mark I really love URL Organizer and truly believe
it was one of the best purchases I've made.quote mark
quote mark I am extremely impressed with URL Organizer 2. The GUI was totally intuitive.quote mark
quote mark have been a user of URL 2 for about 4 years and love itquote mark
quote mark Just wanted to ... say how fantastic this product is.Thanks!quote mark
quote mark THANK YOU! I use your program to help track ebay auctions.
I can organize all the pages I want to monitor. It's wonderful.quote mark
quote mark Your lil' program is powerful. I've tried other programs and this is the one.quote mark
quote mark I wish ----- had the same kind of support like yours, which is excellent.quote mark
quote mark I love the product. It loaded with AOL fine. It lets me organize
so much better and gives me independence from AOL.quote mark
quote mark I've found this program to be one of the two best bookmark managers around....
It's flexible - solid - useful - easy to drive.quote mark
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