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Information stored with each bookmark

Notes window

With each bookmark you can store:

  • notes of unlimited length: a description of the web site, customer reference or order details, shipping prices, or anything else you can think of
  • a log-in name and password (which Bookmark Buddy can use to fill out log-in forms)
  • any number of keywords (useful for retrieval)
  • a rating (useful for prioritizing which sites to visit)

Bookmark Buddy automatically maintains the following additional information:

  • the last two times you opened the bookmark
  • the number of times you've opened the bookmark (used to determine which bookmarks should be included in the Most visted SmartFolder)
  • schedule of future visits you have set up
  • the status of the site when you last checked it
  • when the site was last updated according to the last check
  • when you last checked the status of the bookmark
  • when you created and last modified the bookmark

The Notes window can be resized in either direction; the right half of the window can be hidden, or the whole window can be hidden when you don't need it.

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