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What is URL Organizer?
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URL Organizer 2 for Windows 95-XP is a bookmarks manager with a difference. It's compact, fast and simple to use. It'll help you store, organize, annotate and back up your Internet bookmarks or favorites as well as program, document and folder shortcuts (collectively referred to as URLs). It's especially good at handling large and/or multiple collections of URLs. It offers an innovative, intuitive and highly-customizable interface.

Why not Godownload the latest version to test out for thirty days for free, or check out the feature list below and take a look at the Goscreenshots. As of 1 February 2005, URL Organizer costs a mere US$9.95.

URL Organizer is the baby sister of GoBookmark Buddy, the full-featured bookmark manager, which you can also Gotry out for free. You can also upgrade from URL Organizer 2 to Bookmark Buddy at any time for just US$19.95.

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Who does it suit?
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Family users: A single URL Organizer license permits all members of a family sharing a computer to use URL Organizer. Each family member can maintain their own URL collection as well as sharing others.

Serious web surfers: URL Organizer efficiently handles tens of thousands of URLs. The speed with which you can add, categorize, rearrange and annotate URLs makes it easy to build a well-organized collection of URLs.

Internet researchers: Each URL collection may correspond to a different research project and each may contain up to 10,000 URLs.

Web developers: You can readily switch your default browser and you can open a URL in any of the installed web browsers, making it quick and easy to test web sites.

Anyone who likes to stay organized: URL Organizer makes it that bit less frustrating when you go to show someone a web site you found last week, or launch a program you installed last month or update a document you were working on last year.

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Key features
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bullet URLs stored in a 3-level hierarchy so no URL is more than 3 mouse clicks away
bullet includes a fast full-text search facility
bullet instantly switch between URL collections of up to 10,000 URLs each
bullet instantly switch between web browsers
bullet readily Goshare URL collections
bullet loads in a snap and uses minimal disk space, memory and resources
bullet plenty of Gokeyboard shortcuts for extra speed
bullet includes comprehensive integrated help notes

Information stored

bullet Internet URLs/bookmarks/favorites/favourites
bullet e-mail addresses
bullet newsgroup addresses
bullet application/program, document and folder shortcuts
bullet unlimited space for notes on each URL
bullet web site log-in names
bullet time of last visiting/opening each URL

Sophisticated organizing tools

bullet import and export favorites to/from Internet Explorer
bullet import and export bookmarks to/from Netscape Navigator
bullet import and export hot lists to/from Opera
bullet import GoAOL and CompuuServe 2000 Favorite Places
bullet import GoStart Menu shortcuts
bullet fetch the URL open in any browser window
bullet edit, re-order and re-group titles and URLs quickly and easily
bullet create aliases (multiple instances) of URLs under multiple headings
bullet create separators/dividers to visually group headings and titles
bullet drag and drop URLs to/from URL Organizer
bullet back up URL collections automatically and manually
bullet copy URLs in a variety of text and HTML formats

Highly-configurable interface

bullet alternative interfaces: 'Regular', 'Organize' and 'Compact'
bullet optional use of Tool Tray and GoHot Keys
bullet fully-resizable windows
bullet user-definable color scheme
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URL Organizer 2 runs under Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT4, Millennium (ME), 98 and 95. As long as your Windows operating system runs OK, so should URL Organizer. On installation it configures itself to work with any version of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator or Opera (whichever you have installed) and you can configure it to work with any other Spyglass-compatible browser.

URL Organizer 2 is almost completely compatible with Firefox, Netscape 7 and Mozilla. See the Gohere for more details.

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