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Organize mode showing bookmark context menu

This is the window mode used for organizing your bookmark collection. You can drag items around, or you can mark items to group together in a new category or subcategory. You can very quickly change any title or address.

Organize mode program window

Regular mode (custom window style) showing search results

This illustrates how search results are shown. Note that the context of each search result is immediately obvious. It also illustrates the custom window style (colors are user-defined).

Regular mode (custom style) program window

Compact mode (custom window style)

The compact window mode is almost as quick to use as Regular mode and ideal for small screens:

Compact mode window

Notes window

The two tabs on the notes window show the metadata Bookmark Buddy holds for each bookmark.

Notes window (user notes and login details) Notes window (tags and visit data)

Advanced search window

The advanced search provides a sophisticated range of options and filters:

Advanced search window

List view

Search results may be displayed by highlighting matches in the main program window or in a separate list window:

List view window

This window can also show currently-marked items, aliases or duplicates of the selected bookmark, bookmarks with visit schedules set, items that have been deleted (but not yet permanently erased), or your entire bookmark list.


You can schedule one-off visits or repeating visits, with the interval specified in hours, days, weeks, months or years:

Scheduler window

Encryption options

You can encrypt your log-in passwords or your entire bookmark collection:

Encryption options window


You can import bookmarks/favorites from most web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, MSN and AOL, and from any other programs that support the Netscape bookmark file format:

Import window


You can export your bookmarks in virtually any format using user-editable templates:

Export window

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