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Unless indicated otherwise, these questions & answers also apply to URL Organizer 2.



My popup blocker is blocking Bookmark Buddy.


Some popup blockers, including Google Toolbar, prevent Bookmark Buddy from opening a bookmark in a new window. One possible solution is to use instead the popup blocker installed with Windows XP Service Pack 2, which does not disrupt inter-application communication. (You can find it under Internet Explorer's Tools menu.) An alternative is to use DDE instead of COM to 'talk' with Internet Explorer:

In Bookmark Buddy, select Configure web browsers from the Browser menu, then select DDE as the Communication method.

A workaround for URL Organizer 2 is as follows:

bullet Close all Internet Explorer windows.
bullet In Windows Explorer, navigate to the URL Organizer program folder (usually C:\Program Files\URL Organizer).
bullet Rename the file in that folder called UrlOrgIE.DLL to UrlOrgIE.DLL.bak

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