Keyboard Shortcuts

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Most keyboard shortcuts are indicated on the menus: this list is a selection of the most useful.

F1Open Help Notes (context sensitive)
F6Switch to Compact mode
F7Switch to Regular mode
F8Switch to Organize mode
F12Minimize Bookmark Buddy
Alt+F4Exit Bookmark Buddy


F5Show/hide Note window (without activating it)
Shift+F5Extend/contract Note window
Alt+F5Activate Note window
Ctrl+LFill out last-active log-in form


Ctrl+OOpen bookmark**
Ctrl+MOpen marked bookmarks
Ctrl+EFetch bookmark from frontmost web browser tab
Ctrl+NNew bookmark
Ctrl+Shift+NEnter a bookmark to open in a new browser window
Ctrl+Shift+BOpen a blank browser window
Ctrl+SSave changes


Alt+FMake Find box active and select search text
Ctrl+FStart/cancel search
F3Highlight next search match
Shift+F3Highlight previous search match
Ctrl+Shift+FOpen Advanced Search window (also right-click on Search button)


Ctrl+clickMark/unmark clicked item
Ctrl+XMark/unmark selected item
Ctrl+Shift+clickMark/unmark all items between the currently selected and the clicked item
Ctrl+AMark/unmark all items in active* list level
Ctrl+Shift+CUnmark all marked items
Ctrl+VMove marked items in active* list level
Ctrl+DownSort items in active* list level
Ctrl+BMake selected item bold/unbold


Ctrl+CCopy selected bookmark’s address to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+LCopy log-in name to clipboard
Ctrl+Shift+PCopy log-in password to clipboard
Ctrl+DInsert current date at text cursor (in Notes box)


Alt+C or 1Make Category list box or menu active
Alt+S or 2Make Subcategory list box or menu active
Alt+B or 3Make Bookmark list box active
F2Edit item in active* list level
Alt+Shift+C or 1Edit selected category
Alt+Shift+S or 2Edit selected subcategory
Alt+Shift+B or 3Edit selected bookmark
Ctrl+Alt+C or 1New category
Ctrl+Alt+S or 2New subcategory
Ctrl+Alt+B or 3New bookmark


TabAdvance to next list or text box
Shift+TabReturn to previous list or text box
Cursor RightAdvance to next list box
Cursor LeftAdvance to previous list box


Alt+AMove cursor to bookmark address field
Alt+NMove cursor to note field
Alt+LMove cursor to log-in field
Alt+PMove cursor to password field
Alt+RMove cursor to rating field
Alt+KMove cursor to keywords field


Return/EnterWith caret in the search box: Start/cancel search;
With bookmark title list in focus: Open bookmark**;
With caret in an edit box and add highlighted: Add bookmark/title.
With caret in an edit box and done highlighted: Finish editing and move focus to search box.


Ctrl+<digit>Switch to a different bookmark list (see File menu)
Ctrl+TabSwitch to bookmark list containing marked items or to previously open list


Ctrl+Alt+POpen preferences


*The active list level is the list box that responds to keyboard input. If the window style is standard Windows, this is indicated by a dashed line around the selected item in the list. With the custom window style, this is indicated by a red (by default) border line around the list box.

**When you open a bookmark, you can change the default behavior by holding down either the Shift or Alt key as follows:

Hold down Shift key: Open bookmark with the frontmost/new tab default switched.
Hold down Alt key: Open bookmark then minimize Bookmark Buddy (or, if auto-minimize is set, do not minimize Bookmark Buddy).


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