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See below for a description of Bookmark Buddy editions

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FindMySoft Safe to Install certificateInstructions

  1. Select the program/edition you want to download.
  2. Only change the other options if you need something different from the standard download.
  3. Choose 'Zipped setup files' if you encounter problems with the standard installer.

The non-Portable editions (see below) run as a fully-working trial for 30 days. All editions will run fully-enabled once registered, without reinstalling.

SoftPedia 100% clean certificateThese programs are entirely free of spyware or adware components.

You do not need to install any other components.

If you have any difficulty downloading from this site, alternative download sites include:

open in new    open in new windowTucows    open in new windowSimtel

(These sites may not have the very latest version.)

Don't be misled by the small download size! This is made possible by highly-optimized programming techniques. Other programs offer less functionality in a download package ten times the size.

Bookmark Buddy Unicode Edition

Choose the Unicode Edition if you want to store bookmarks and notes in languages that do not use the Latin character set (such as Russian, Polish, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, etc). You must be using Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 or 2008, Vista, 7 or 8.

A license for Bookmark Buddy will work with both the standard and Unicode editions, so you can use either, or switch edition at a later date.

Bookmark Buddy Portable Edition

Choose the Portable Edition if you want to be able to run Bookmark Buddy off removable media (e.g. portable drive or USB memory stick). To install:

  1. Extract the program files to the removable media, e.g. to X:\Bookmark Buddy\
  2. Copy over your bookmark list(s) to X:\Bookmark Buddy\Bookmark Lists\
  3. Double-click on X:\Bookmark Buddy\bmkbuddy.exe
  4. Open your bookmark lists (File menu, Open)
  5. When you have purchased a license, save the Personal License Register (licences.rv1) to the top level of the X: drive.

A license for Bookmark Buddy will fully-enable either of the Portable Editions. This edition does not come with a free trial period, but will run in read-only mode (i.e. you can open bookmark lists, but not add to or modify them) if no Personal License Register is found.

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