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Unless indicated otherwise, these questions & answers also apply to URL Organizer 2.



How do I reinstall Bookmark Buddy?


1)  GoDownload and install the latest version of Bookmark Buddy
2) If you have backups of your bookmark list files, copy them to where you want to keep them now. The default location used by Bookmark Buddy is "My Documents\Bookmark Lists" (or "Documents\Bookmark Lists" under Vista or "Libraries\Documents\My Documents\Bookmark Lists" under Windows 7).
3) From the File menu (URL Organizer: List menu), choose 'Open' and locate your bookmark list file(s).
4) If you have a backup of your Personal License Register (named licences.rv1), copy it to the top level of the drive on which Bookmark Buddy is installed (e.g. C:\). For more help with reinstalling your Personal License Register, Gosee here.

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