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8 June 2007: Version 2.4.17 released and available to Godownload. This is a free (and recommended) update for all registered users of URL Organizer 2 (i.e. v2.x, excluding v2.1.2 or v2.1.3). See Gobelow for details of changes.

1 February 2005: URL Organizer 2 now costs a mere US$9.95 and an upgrade to GoBookmark Buddy now costs $19.95.

8 June 2004: Version 2.4.16 released.

1 March 2004: The successor to URL Organizer 2, GoBookmark Buddy, is out now.

16 February 2004: Version 2.4.15 released.

26 January 2004: Version 2.4.14 released.

30 October 2003: Version 2.4.12 released.

9 September 2003: Version 2.4.11 released.

24 March 2003: Version 2.4.10 released.

31 October 2002: Version 2.4.9 released.

25 September 2002: Version 2.4.8 released.

14 February 2002: Version 2.4.7 released.

12 November 2001: Version 2.4.6 released.

18 June 2001: Version 2.4.5 released.

11 May 2001: Version 2.4.4 released.

4 January 2001: Version 2.4.3 released.

2 December 2000: Version 2.4.2 released.

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History of changes
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Changes in version 2.4.17

bullet Upgraded help system to HTMLHelp
bullet Minor bug fix to import/export of Internet Explorer Favorites

Changes in version 2.4.16

bullet Added import support for CompuServe 2000 favorites
bullet Minor bug fix

Bug fixes in version 2.4.15

bullet Fixed issue with Windows 'Show Desktop'
bullet Fixed install and critical Windows 95 uninstall problem
bullet Updated uninstall to recognize if GoBookmark Buddy is installed

Bug fixes in version 2.4.14

bullet Resolved issue of double-clicking starting two instances of program
bullet Fixed start-up crash bug (program files are no longer compressed)


Bug fixes in version 2.4.13

bullet Minor tweak to Internet Explorer export and bug fixes

Bug fixes in version 2.4.12

bullet Minor tweaks and a bug fix relating to 'Modify Setup'

Bug fixes in version 2.4.11

bullet Import/export functions updated for improved compatibility with Opera 7, Netscape 7 and Mozilla 1

Enhancements in version 2.4.10

bullet Minor updates to title bar and Open URL dialog

Enhancements in version 2.4.9

bullet Updates to AOL Favorites import routine to work with AOL v.8

Enhancements in version 2.4.8

bullet Modifications to Window Close button behavior and Browser menu
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Enhancements in version 2.4.7

bullet Modifications to Browser menu and keyboard shortcuts
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Enhancements in version 2.4.6

bullet Improved support for managing program, document and folder shortcuts
bullet Various usability enhancements
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Enhancements in version 2.4.5

bullet Added facility to open a blank browser window
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Enhancements in version 2.4.4

bullet Improved support for concurrent sharing of URL lists
bullet Various usability enhancements

Enhancements in version 2.4.3

bullet Improved performance with Internet Explorer, especially under Windows ME

Bug fixes in version 2.4.2

bullet Resolved Windows ME issue of locking up when 'talking to' a web browser
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Enhancements in version 2.4.1

bullet Added option to save changes without prompting
bullet Reorganized interface (Organize mode window and List menu)
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Major new features in version 2.4

bullet Import AOL Favorite Places
bullet Fetch the URL from any open web browser window
bullet Wildcard facility for referring to the latest version of a local document
bullet Facility to open folder containing a local file URL

Enhancements & bug fixes in version 2.4

bullet New Hot Key to fetch URL from frontmost browser window
bullet Implemented workaround to identify frontmost Internet Explorer window
bullet Reorganized menus for greater consistency
bullet Removed limit on number of URL lists and browsers supported
bullet Fixed problem of window 'popping'
bullet Various minor issues resolved

Major new features introduced in version 2.3.x

bullet Added facility to move or copy URLs between lists
bullet Added support for aliases (multiple instances) of URLs within a list
bullet Added support for section separators
bullet Enhanced copy-to-clipboard options, including copying multiple URLs
bullet Added facility to export a URL list as an Opera Hotlist
bullet All functionality now available during 30-day evaluation period

For details of other changes in updates prior to 2.4, see the version history in the Open in new windowReadMe file.

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