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Unless indicated otherwise, these questions & answers also apply to URL Organizer 2.



I've registered but Bookmark Buddy says I haven't!


If you haven't received your Personal License Register, Open in new windowlog into your account with OSoLiS to obtain a new copy.

If you have saved the Personal License Register file (licences.rv1) into the top level of the drive on which Bookmark Buddy is installed (e.g. C:\), but Bookmark Buddy still asks you to purchase a license, check the message in About Bookmark Buddy under the program's Help menu (or About URL Organizer under the Application menu):

If Bookmark Buddy cannot find the Personal License Register:

bullet In Windows 7 and Vista, you should save the licences.rv1 file to your Desktop, then move it to C:\.
bullet Check that the Personal License Register file is named correctly: licences.rv1 (note exact spelling: L-I-C-E-N-C-E-S-dot-R-V-one).
bullet Check that it is in the top level of the drive on which Bookmark Buddy is installed (e.g. C:\), and not in a subfolder (e.g. not in C:\Program Files\Bookmark Buddy).

If Bookmark Buddy reports that the Personal License Register is corrupt:

bullet Occasionally email programs and possibly Windows 7 can corrupt a Personal License Register. With Windows 7, be sure to move rather than copy the licences.rv1 file (you may need to hold down the Shift key).
bullet Click on one of the Download links in the email with your Personal License Register (or download directly from your account with OSoLiS). Open the downloaded zip file, then extract the licences.rv1 file inside to C:\ (or the top level of whichever drive Bookmark Buddy is installed on).
bullet Be sure not to open the licence.rv1 file: save or move it directly to C:\.

If Bookmark Buddy reports that the Personal License Register does not indicate that you have a license:

bullet Exit Bookmark Buddy and URL Organizer. Then save the licences.rv1 attachment again, making sure that it overwrites the existing copy.
bullet Double-check that you did in fact purchase a license for the program you're running.

If you need a new copy of your Personal License Register, log into your OSoLiS account using Open in new windowthis link.

You can find more Open in new windowdetailed instructions on OSoLiS's web site.

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