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How can I import my bookmarks from AcqURL?


To import your bookmarks from AcqURL, you must first export them from AcqURL. Open AcqURL, and from the File menu select Export Bookmarks, then Export Bookmarks to Netscape, then Export entire File. Choose a folder you can easily find again to save the export file and make sure the file name ends .htm (e.g. acqurl bookmarks.htm).

Then in Bookmark Buddy, from the File menu, select Import .... On the Import window, under Source, select Netscape/...Mozilla Bookmarks as the File/format. Then click on the ... button to the right of the File/folder box and navigate to the file you just saved in AcqURL. (Ignore the User/profile options: these are not relevant in this case.) Make your selections on the rest of the form and click Import.

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