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Would you like to earn money simply by recommending Bookmark Buddy or URL Organizer to friends and colleagues? If you join the affiliate scheme you will receive up to 25% of each sale made through your recommendation. The only condition of membership is that you be a registered user of the program you recommend: that way you will be recommending from experience.

Register as an affiliate The first step is to open in new windowsign up as a reseller/affiliate with OSoLiS:

  1. Log in using your existing customer log-in
  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions of service
  3. Click on Affiliate Schemes and join the Bookmark Buddy and/or URL Organizer 2 scheme.

You can choose to pass some of the 25% discount to the purchaser as an incentive to use your link and affiliate order code. You can experiment with this by setting up two or more Affiliate Codes with different discounts. You'll be able to track your sales in real time by logging into your account with OSoLiS at any time.

For details about how the affiliate scheme works, please see the OSoLiS page about open in new windowaffiliate services.

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