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Unless indicated otherwise, these questions & answers also apply to URL Organizer 2.


Does it work with Windows 7 or Vista?
Does it work with 64-bit editions of Windows?
I've registered but Bookmark Buddy says I haven't!
I've lost my registration!
How do I reinstall Bookmark Buddy?
How do I install Bookmark Buddy on a second computer?
Bookmark Buddy won't launch
How do I configure Bookmark Buddy to work with my web browser?
Does Bookmark Buddy work with Google Chrome?
Does Bookmark Buddy work with Microsoft Edge?
Does Bookmark Buddy work with Opera?
Does Bookmark Buddy work with Safari?
Does Bookmark Buddy work with K-Meleon?
How do I import bookmarks from Firefox 3?
Can I import Compuserve favorites?
Can I import MSN favorites?
Does Bookmark Buddy work with AOL?
Can I import from my existing bookmark manager?
My popup blocker is blocking Bookmark Buddy.
Internet Explorer won't open my bookmarks.
Why does Opera open bookmarks when I don't want it to?
There is a delay before a bookmark opens.
My e-mail address has changed since I registered - what do I do?
Can I have more than two levels of categories/folders?
Can I synchronize between different browsers?
Can I synchronize or merge two bookmark lists?
I've lost some of my bookmarks!
Why is my bookmark list 'read only'?
Why can't I access the Help file?
Why can't I add new bookmarks to my bookmark list?
Can I run Bookmark Buddy from a USB drive or other removable media?
I can't open my URL Organizer list in Bookmark Buddy.
How can I import my bookmarks from AcqURL?
I see an error message 'A required DLL file is missing'.

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